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What I provide

Richard McCusker, REALTOR® provides a wide array of professional real estate services and consulting.
Real Estate Professional Serices

Our team focuses on the sale residential properties. Our professional real estate experience and services make matters easy for our clients. We can help if you're looking to buy or sell a home in the area. We'll assist with your search or listing, including offers and pricing, so the process moves quickly.

Hardships can Happen

Whether you’re ready to sell or just thinking about it. You can find out what your property is worth.

Are you experiencing a hardship? Need some cash in your pocket to help you get through your challenges? Or just want to sell property to upgrade/downgrade or relocate?

Whether it is Pre-foreclosure, Divorce, Death, Probate, Trust assets to sell or distressed property you no longer want.


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Primary Residence

Are you in need of a primary residence? We can provide assistance in your search for what your needs are.

Not ready to buy yet or want something less permanent than a purchase? We have various rental property listings too, including homes, condos, and apartment style residences.

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Investment Properties

Are you ready to build your portfolio? Whether you're starting out or have an existing portfolio you want to add to.

We are experienced in working with Investors that have portfolios and new Investors getting into the business. We have many resources that can assist you.

Our services include market analysis and determining return on investment.

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